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Welcome to the website of ESD-china Association - formerly from the group in the Electrostatics Commission of the Physics Society which was founded in 1981. About The Commission of Electrostatics, Chinese Physical Society.

The Association with a view to promoting and supporting the community of researchers and industrialists working in the field of ESD control and applied electrostatics. In the early year, all the members are researcher or university teachers graduated from physics or with the physics backgrounds. With the rapid development of electronic industry and more topics on the control of ESD now and the members come from a wide range of  multidisciplinary backgrounds .Membership drawn from companies, universities and research institute. With open door of the China, members are also not only come from national but international.

The Association organizes conference in topics of ESD and Applied Electrostatics in the national or international conference or seminars every year on a wide range of subjects of ESD control and applied electrostatics applications such as the pollution control in the industries. The first proceeding was published in 1987. We also publish several newsletters in month or quarter every year and are happy to accept articles of ESD control and general and specific interest of applied electrostatics.

Most of the website pages are in Chinese and we will translated some pages into English although you can read the pages by the machine translated pages from one of the following websites:

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