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 Modern Electrostatics, Proceedings of the International Conference, 1988,

Beijing, Edited by RuiNian Li

I.  Electrostatic Precipitation

l         Electrostatic Precipitators in Modern Power Plant

l         Pulsed Energization of Electrostatic Precipitators-A Review of Worldwide Experience

l         Applications of Electrostatic       Precipitator with the       Intermittent Energization

l         Advanced Electrostatic Applications to Flue Gas Cleaning

l         Electron Irradiation of Flue Gas by Pulsed Corona for Sulfur and Nitrogen Oxide Reduction

l         Discussion on the Correction Formula for Deutsch Formula Related to Collection Efficiency of an Electrostatic Precipitator

l         Similarity Phenomena of Electrohydrodynamic Flow Field Inside ESP

l         Study on Collection Theory of Electrostatic Precipitators

l         Electrostatic Enhancement of Electrostatic Precipitators

l         A Research on the Mechanism of Dust Collection in Electrostatic Lentoid Fields

l         A Study of Numerical Simulation for Gas Flow Distribution in the Inlet to Roof Mounted Electrostatic Precipitator

l         Experiment on Electrostatic Precipitator with Application of Ultrasonic Agglomeration

l         Preliminary Study on the Collection of Fine Particles by Charged Drops

l         Pulse Energised Electrostatic Precipitator with Transverse LouversA Dust Collection Technique for Fluidized-Bed Boiler

l         Field Analysis in Electric Precipitators

l         Research on the Distribution of Electric Field in Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

l         A Study on Two-Dimensional Electric Field Strength and Current Density in Electrostatic Precipitator

l         Study on Electrode Geometries and Configurations of Wire-Plate ESP by Electric Field Strength Near the Profiled Collecting Electrodes

l         Simulating Calculation for Electric Field Strength Distributions of Electrostatic Precipitators

l         Experimental Study of Optimum Wire Spacings at Different Plate Spacings of EP

l         Discharge Performances Study of CoronaWires in Electrostatic Precipitators

l         An Attempt to Use Specific Collecting Volume as a Modular Number for ESP Performance Comparison

l         TSDC Measurements of Coal Fly Ashes

l         Advanced Analysing Model of Charge Carrier Motion Around a Charged Spherical Object

l         Specific Surface Charge Density of Non-Spherical Particle and Charge Decrease by Partial Self-Discharge in High Electric Field Intensity

l         Super-High Pulse Voltage Electrostatic Precipitator

l         The Correct Diagnosis and Optimum Disposal of Flashover Signals in Electrostatic Precipitators

l         Pulse Energization on ESP for the End of Sinter Band

l         Using Spark Discharge for Ash Removal-Breaking off Agglomerates By Sparks

l         The Influence of Electrode Coating on Corona Discharge in Electrostatic Precipitators

l         Relation Between Spacing of Prickle Electrodes and Corona Current

l         Progress in Dust Collection by Electrostatic Precipitation in View of Gaseous Pollutants Removal

II.     Electrostatic biological Effects

l         Applications of Electrostatic Technology in Agriculture

l         Are Air Ions Biologically Significant?

l         The Effects of the Electric Field on Plant Growth

l         Effects of High-Voltage Electrostatic Field on Growth in Plants       

l         Experimental Study on Promotion of Plant Growth By Electrostatic Field

l         Effect of Static Electricity on Initial Growth of Panax Ginseng

l         The Influence of NV Electrostatic Field on the Root System of Plants and Absorbing Nutritive Elements

l         Biological Potential in Plant and External Electrostatic Field

l         Separation and Biostimulation of Soybeans Using High-Intensity Electric Fields

l         Physiological and Biochemical Experiments in Electrostatic Treated Seeds

l         Study on Biological Effect of Seeds in Electrostatic Treatment

l         Study on the Total Activity of Amylase of Sprouting Maize Seeds Affected By Treatment of Electrostatic Field

l         A Preliminary Study of the Biological After-Effect on Crop Seeds Treated By Uniform Electrostatic Field

l         A high-Pressure Shock Sterilizing Technique

l         Observation of Changes of Some Biological Indices in Patients with Occupational Leukopenia Before and After the Negative Air Jon Therapy

l         Effect of Negative Ions on Spontaneous and Cyclophosphomidum-Induced Micronucleus Frequency in Mouse Bone       Marrow       Polychromatophilic Erythroblasts

l         Treatment for Tissue Injury By Use of Micro-Porous Polymeric Electret Film

l         Electrically Stimulated Bone Growth by Electret Film

l         Acute Experimental Results of Effects of High-Voltage Electrostatic Field on Animal Organisms

III. Novel     Electrostatic Techniques and the Prospects of     Industrialization

l         Corona-Electrostatic  Separation  Processes  for  Recovery  of  Conducting

l         and Insulating Materials From Industrial Wastes

l         Electrostatic Particle Levitation on a Quadrupole System

l         Experimental Study on a New Type Electrostatic Separating Device

l         Study on Dielectrophoretic Oil Purification Technique

l         Electrostatic Separation of Fine-Graded Talcum Powder Mineral   

l         Industrial Pilot Test of Electrostatic Purification Technology for pry-distillated Shale Gas 

l         Electrostatic Separation of Fibre and Metal From Rubber Powde

l         Using Electrostatic Bonding on Semiconductor Devices Technology

l         Technology Development and Mechanism Research of Electrostatic Spinning

l         The Basic Principle of Electrostatic Powder Coating

l         Studies  on  Artificial  Curing  of  White  Spirit  By  Means" of  Ultrahigh

l         Voltage (UHV) Electrostatic Field

l         Effect of Electrostatic Field on Liquid Surface Tension

Fundamentals of Electrophotography

l         Color Copy Machine

l         Novel Organic Photoreceptor Using Organcpolysilanes

l         Transport Properties of Copper Phthalocyanine

l         The Residual Potential of Xerographic Materials As-Se

l         A Measuring Method of Electrophotographic Toner Charge

l         The       Influence    of       As+       Ion       Implantation       on       the       Optical       and Electrophotographic Properties of Amorphous Se Photoreceptor

l         Advanced Technology of Electrophotography in Japan

l         The Surface and Interface of a -Se Film Studied dy XPS

l        Ion Flow Control Technology and Its Applications


V.     Measurement Techniques in Applied Electrostatics and Electrostatic Source

l        Development of High Temperature Farady Cups for In-Situ Measurements of Powder Surface Charge Under Thermal  Plasma-Powder Flow

l        Resistivity Measurements of Dielectric Films in Ion-Rich Atmosphere

l        Electrostatic Measurements by Means of Microwaves

l        Improving the Resolution of Surface Charge Density Measurement

l        Field  Calculation  in  Ping-Type  Electrode  Capacitance  Transducer  for Particle Fraction Measurements

l        The Principle of Optical  Phase Compensation~A NewMethod for Measuring Electrostatic Field By Means of Pockels Device

l        The Study of Powder Electrostatic Accumulation Test Device

l        On Resistivity Measurement of Conductive Sponge

l        A New Method for Measuring Charge Density in an Oil-Piping System

l        Study on Decay Characteristics for Static Electricity on Both Conductive and Anti-Static Materials

l        The Realization of Superhigh Voltage Pulse with Multiplying Circuit

l        Research   on   the  High       Voltage  Multiplying  Circuit  with  Arbitrary Capacitance

l        High  Voltage  Modulating  Pulse  Electrostatic  Power  and  Its  Application in Electrostatic Demulsification


VI.     Fundamental Research of Static Electrification and Discharge

l        Contact Electrification Between Metals  and Polymers:       Effect of  Surface Oxidation

l        Observation of Local Discharge. Phenomena on Charged Surface of Dielectric Films

l        Experimental Search for Free Quarks in Matter

l        Separating Discharge in Film/Roller System

l        Charge Transport Processes at Corona-Charged Polymer Film Surface

l        Calculation       of       the       Onset       Voltage     of       Streamer  From      a       Grounded Hemispherically  Capped  Cylinder  to  Negative  Well-Charged  Dielectric Plate

l        Standing  Ionization  Wave  in  the  Positive  Column  of Glow Discharge  of Oxygen

l        The Effects of Small Isolated Conductor on Propagating Brush Discharge

l        On the Problem of Charge Distribution on a Conductor and the Calculation of Geometric Factor of an Emitting Cathode

l        Research and Simulated Test on Space Electrostatic Field

l        A  Method  of  Numerical  Analysis  and  Calculation  of  Streaming  Current By a Hopping Mode

l        Research on Electric Field in Storage Tank with Numerical Method

l        Electronic States ~d Contact Charging of Polymers

VII. Electrostatic Pollution in Electronic Industries

l         Electrostatic Pollution and Control Technology in Super Clean Rooms                       

l         Fundamentals of Static Control for the Electronics Industry

l         Reliability Study on MOS Electrostatic  Protection  from Charge on  human Body        


VIII.     Electrostatic Hazards in Petro-CheRical Industries and the Preyention Measures

l        Relaxation  Time  of Electrified Petroleum Surface Potential  in  Storage Tanks with Different  Capacity     

l        Techniques  of Anti-Electrostatic  Hazard  of  the  Petrochemical  Industry in China and Outlook

l        Static Electrification Due to Liquefied Natural Gas Flows

l        Relationship Between Additive Concentration and Streaming Current

l        A Study on the Safe Potential of Charged Hydrocarbon Oils

l        Safety Surface Potential for Hydrocarbon Products

l        Effect of Material Surface Character on Electrification of Fuel Oil


IX.  Electrostatic Hazards and the Prevention Measures

l         Electrostatic Hazards of Explosive Articles and the Control Measures

l         Applications of Electrically Conductive Fibers to Electrostatic Safety    

l         Control of Incendiary Discharges Occurring from Electrostatic Eliminator

l         A Study on Incendivity of Discharge from Charged Insulating Plate with Different Electric Polarities

l         Simulated Electrostatic Test for the Fuel Tank of Q-6 Pursuit

l         The  Research  on  Electrostatic  Spark  Sensitivity  in  Suspending  Black Powder Dust

l         The  Problem Concerning  How  to  Analyse  and  Identify  the  Electrostatic Explosion Accident

l         Electrostatic Shielding Effect of Box Wagon for Ammunition

l         Static Electicity of Human Body

l         Evaluation  of  the  Safety  Property  on  Tankers  During  the  Drainage  of Ballast Water

l         The Relation Between Aircraft Precipitation Static Electricity and Flight Environment

l         Experimental Study of the Electrostatic Accumulation of Explosive Powders

l         Dangers  from  Static  Electricity  in  Black  Powder  Production and  Its Countermeasures

l         The  Safety  Electrostatic  Potential  of  Non-Incendiary  Discharges  from Charged Insulator

l         The Principle and Application of a Ion Source Static Eliminator

l         Po-2lO Static Eliminator and its Industry Application

l         Study on the Critical Voltage and Electrostatic Elimination in Release of Hydrogen

X.  Electrostatic Materials

l        The  Research,  Development  and  Application  of  Electrically  Conductive Fibre  

l        The  Studies  of  the  Properties  of  PVC  Conducting  Plastic  and  Its Application

l        Use of Piezo-Sensitive Material to Make Anti-Static Detonators

l        Research on Antistatic Pressure-Sensitive Material s

l        A Study on Using Radiative Effect to Improve the Electrostatic Properties of Polymer Surface

XI. Ozone Techniques

l     Quick Disinfections of Hand piece in Dental Use

l     Experimental Study of Improvement in Ozone Yield in a Parallel Plate Ozoniser with a Rotating Plate Electrode

l     Investigation of Discharge Current of Surface Discharge Type Ozoniser


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